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What's New in ExFlowWebrelease notes


Available: 2024-07-09, Updated: 2024-07-17

Admin Welcome Message

Administrators of ExFlow Web can now compose a Welcome Message for users, including the option to incorporate a small company logo. These admin messages will appear as the first panel adjacent to the inbox.

Admin Welcome Message

Fixes & Improvements

We've implemented several enhancements:

  • Resolved a rendering issue with the invoice PDF image.
  • Added more details to the /Diagnostics page, including the number of active sessions, used tabs, information on client-side exceptions, onboarding information, and comprehensive details about the coding columns.


Available: 2024-06-18, Updated: 2024-06-18


The previous version (2023) will soon display a message indicating an upcoming update to the 2024 version.

You can find the content for the message at the following links:

For more details on the update process, please refer to the rollout section.

Rollout message


To simplify onboarding, we have reworked the OnboardAssist tool. It verifies that the setup is operational and guides you on how to register and consent to the application.

Inbox page

Fixes & Improvements

We've implemented several enhancements:

  • Added support for Icelandic language.
  • Added support to configure extended search for FO.
  • Fixed an issue with adding a document header panel in the /Admin page.
  • Fixed an issue with adding replacers.
  • Enhanced error messages for attachment issues to provide clearer and more helpful information.
  • Improved the Diagnistics with more column related information.


Available: 2024-05-01, Updated: 2024-06-05

Fixes & Improvements

We've implemented several enhancements:

  • Version 2023 will with next update displays a message indicating that the system will be updated to 2024.
  • The error message for onboarding-related issues has been clarified. (build 6282).
  • Fixed an issue during line creation (split) where line validation was not working as expected (build 6282).
  • Removed levels from the lines menu for better usability (build 6282).
  • Fixed an issue with changing line type (build 6282).
  • Improved the forwarding feature for better usability (build 6215).
  • Fixed an issue with the consent link on the OnboardAccess page (build 6215).
  • Fixed an issue for FO when DataArea is a number.
  • Improved diagnostics checks for known issues.
  • Improved the OnboardAccess page for better support for customers with multiple tenants.


Available: 2024-04-01, Rollout: 2024-04-30, Updated: 2024-04-30

System Now in General Availability

We are pleased to announce that our system has officially moved to General Availability! Effective immediately, all new deployments will utilize version 2024. Older versions will now be recognized as version 2023. Thank you for your support during the beta phase. We look forward to your continued engagement and feedback as we strive to improve your experience.

Approve & Continue

  • Update: The feature has been improved to automatically avoid timeouts when approving large documents.
  • Update: When enabled admins have the option to set mimumum number of lines before the feature is triggered.

Inbox page

Inbox Reorder

Columns in the grid can now be reordered. The custom order is saved and persists across sessions.

Inbox page


We've implemented several enhancements:

  • Support for searching classified documents has been included. This feature is available starting from Build 6095 onwards.
  • Code lookups for fields that accept both predefined options and custom text have been enhanced. (Build > 6095)
  • Code selection for columns with single-character values has been improved.
  • The system has been optimized to reduce loading times for opening large documents with more than 100 lines.
  • Line and document approval comments have been standardized for better consistency.
  • The Inbox Grid has been updated to include a 'Status' column.
  • The coding suggestion list now shows all values correctly. This issue has been resolved. (Build > 6095)
  • Autofill for BC fields is now working as expected. This issue has been fixed. (Build > 6095)
  • FO column labels now change correctly when the language is switched. This issue has been resolved.
  • Pdf images now show correctly for all BC companies.
  • New diagnostics checks have been added to identify potential issues with approver and user setup. (Build > 6119)

2024.03 PRE

Update: Mobile

We've made several improvements to the mobile UI for a better user experience on mobile devices. These improvements include:

  • Show the docs in the mobile view
  • Scrolling on iOS/iPhone has been improved
  • Note: that work is still in progress and we will continue to make improvements in the future.

New Feature: Peek Inbox

This feature enhances your workflow by allowing you to peek into your inbox without leaving the full screen mode of a document.

Previously, to check your inbox, you had to exit the full screen mode of the document you were working on. With the new Peek Inbox feature, you can now quickly glance at your inbox while staying in the full screen mode. This allows for a smoother, more efficient workflow, as you can manage your inbox and documents simultaneously without the need to switch back and forth.

Inbox page

Update: User Manual

The platform now includes a comprehensive User Manual. This manual provides detailed instructions and guides on how to use our system effectively. Whether you're a new user or an experienced one, you'll find valuable information and tips in this section.

We've also added a News section. This section provides up-to-date information about our system, including new features, improvements, and other important announcements. In addition, we've created an Archive section where you can find release notes for past versions of our system.

Fixes and Minor Changes

We've made several fixes and minor changes in this release to improve your experience:

  • Fixed an issue with legacy links that were not working as expected.
  • Fixed a replacer issue with that were not working as expected.
  • Improved the counts on the inbox. They were not always updating correctly, but this issue has been addressed.
  • Added a refresh button in chat notifications for easier updating.
  • Improved how exception messages are displayed to make them more understandable.
  • Made several improvements to the mobile UI for a better user experience on mobile devices.